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A Quick Heart to Heart

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Hey guys

I wanted to give you guys some formal background. I know it’s been a minute since posting something worthwhile. But that’s because, besides having to kick myself to get up every morning and work a drab old 9 to 5, I’ve got great things planned for you guys! That being said, here’s some placeholding gooeyness into my backstory.

I am a simple little designer based in Atlanta

I had the gall to share the big dreams many aspiring art students have. Obviously, reality hit me hard, but it didn’t discourage me. I wasn’t necessarily surprised that instant success didn’t come my way. But I DID know that if I wanted to succeed or at least get ahead in life that I would need to find what worked for me and use my strengths.

I went into design because I wanted to use my art to help people, to provide a service. But sitting behind a desk cranking out arbitrary designs that agencies charge hard-working people and small businesses an arm and a leg for, wasn’t exactly helping me sleep at night, or getting me closer to my dream.

One day I noticed how appreciative my personal clients were when I explained to them why or why not to make certain decisions for their brand and how it would affect them. I’ve received several emails stating “you were right, Ema, I got a much better response from your suggestion.”  For me, designing a webpage or an identity suite is about far more than making something “pretty.” It’s about designing and implementing a practical brand that genuinely resonates with your particular audience.

If you’re a designer, then this is old news to you. But if you’re a newbie business owner, or someone thinking about starting a business, this is something that you should know or expect your designer to know should you decide to outsource vs do it yourself.

Everything Affects Everything

I’ve had the privilege to learn and see for myself over the past few years how branding impacts a company. While working for one of my previous agency’s largest clients, that was my baby, they needed to essentially revamp / repolish, their main aesthetic. So I recreated their stylization in a way that was more modern, eye-catching, and relatable to the broad audience that this particular company catered to. I even made the styling options more flexible by creating new elements that still adhered to their existing guidelines.

Depending on what your goal is, everything from the colors you choose to the typography to hierarchy and layout, will affect how your audience reacts or engages with your brand. At the very least, I hope you guys aren’t using hot pink to market to a biker gang…although if you’ve got a designer as good as me,  it could work!

All that being said, I feel it’s far easier to be straight up with you guys 1-on-1  than try to mull around how fancy and frilly I can make my brand look in order to appeal to you…it’s just NOT me…

I want to work together with you and help you brand and launch your business. Plain and simple.

Getting started doesn’t have to be the hard part

If you ask me it’s the most exciting! If you’re ready to get started, you should go ahead and subscribe if you haven’t. There’s going to be some yummy freebies coming to your inbox soon!

Thanks for reading my rambling. I hope you feel empowered~

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